Skin clinic Procedures

Skin Biopsies

Taking sample from a suspicious lesion for skin cancer or to diagnose general skin condition.

Generally, one of few types of biopsy will be taken as appropriate to site and type of lesion; shave biopsies, punch biopsies, and excisional biopsies

Skin Cancer treatment

It may involve excision of lesion or use of other modalities if appropriate

Surgical treatment

Primary aim of Surgical treatment is to achieve cure of the cancer, then make sure functional outcome achieve (such as nose / eye lid sphincter functions) thirdly archive cosmesis.

It could be standard simple excision or depending on site , if necessary reconstructive  surgery in sensitive areas such as face, nose, lip and close to eye.

Other treatment for skin cancers;

Topical chemotherapy or immunotherapy (only for low risk type of lesion ).

Use of liquid nitrogen, commonly known as “ freezing “ or cryotherapy for precancerous lesion known as “ sun spots “ or solar keratosis